I didn’t know much about the business trip massage, but I got it this time and I totally fell for it.

I’ve been looking for a business trip massage sometimes when I’m really tired.
This time, I went to Azna Therapy, an innovative city in Daegu.
I got a massage for a business trip to Sweden, not every once in a while.
It’s a place where I want to go often and I thought I should go!

I personally relieve my mental stress and my body.
I don’t think there’s anything I can do to relieve my fatigue.

I didn’t know about the Swedish business trip massage, but I got it this time.
I’m totally in love with him.

Especially Aznaterapier, a business trip to Daegu Innovation City.
The principal’s teaching you how to massage in Sweden.
It’s my own place. I’m getting it from the director.
I really recommend it!

If you haven’t done a Swedish business massage,
You can experience a new world.

It’s located in Daegu Donggu Innovation City.
It’s on the fourth floor of the building!

There was a parking lot in the back of the building, at the entrance.
Bling bling and warm lighting
I liked it because it was luxurious and comfortable.

When you walk into the shop, it’s already filled with a pleasant smell.

Even modern, luxurious interior lighting
I already felt like I was relaxing.

It’s a price tag in the mirror, so even if you take a clean picture,
It looks like something’s blurry.

We’re currently offering day and night discounts as an open event.

The luxurious interior and the atmosphere are overwhelming.
It seemed to catch me like aah!

The most comfortable while receiving a Swedish business trip massage.
I think it’s my place, so before I got the business trip massage,
I feel like I’m relieving my stress already!

I’m very careful about hygiene these days.
Make sure to take care of the small parts. Clean.
Overall, it was very neat!

Wearing a mask while receiving a business trip massage.
I’ve been working on it for a while, so I can get oil on it.
He brought me a spare mask.

And above the hotel level, the amenity is very…
It was neat and well-prepared.

So, thanks to you, before and after the business trip,
I was able to take a shower comfortably.

You can choose the type of aroma oil.
It’s well-described by type.
I’ve been reading it for a long time.

In fact, before I read it, I thought you were going to tell me about the oil
Please explain and recommend each type.

I like lavender ylang ylang oil for women.
I chose peppermint.

I’ve been having neck and shoulder muscle aches and headaches lately.
Peppermint. It’s cool. Usually, men…
He says he does it a lot. Muscle pain and headaches.
I chose peppermint because it’s a good oil!

A warm cup of hibiscus tea before a business trip.
He brought me a drink, so I took a quick shower.
I’m ready to have a nice tea and a business trip massage.

Already healing

I finished my business trip to Swedis, and I ended up in a spa.
I was so, so happy.

Why does a business trip give you mental stress and physical 출장마사지 exhaustion?
It was a time when I felt once again that I could solve it.

Director Azna Therapy’s skills are the best.
I’m sure those of you who get the good stuff will know.

The swedish massage stimulates the blood vessels of the body.
It helps with circulation and stimulates the lymph.

It’s a very rhythmic way of removing waste from the body.
It’s a business trip massage technique. It’s good for guys.
I think it’s a great place to go on a business trip for real girls.

I got a business trip massage and went home and slept really well!!

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