More meticulous and meticulous work is required from on-site inspection to production.

Hello, this is Siwon System.

I’m going to be in a good mood all day today. That’s right. Today is Friday.
Today, we’re going to show you the site where we set up our skyning in Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi-do. It was a more exciting day because the weather was clear.
Then shall we go see our skyning?

Skyning in Pyeongtaek
Today’s skyning is also wearing white.
Installed on a white brick floor.
Doesn’t our skyning look especially straight today?
It is skyning with unique design that fits well with modern architecture.

I think it makes ordinary outdoor space more practical and wonderful. I think this is the biggest advantage of skyning!
Our cooling system skyning is made of aluminum from columns to frame blades.
If you close the blade completely, it will block the sun and rain.
Skying is probably the only outdoor space and cool structure that is not affected much by the weather.

You’re disappointed if the LED lights are missing in the skyning, right? The lights that I thought would only be visible at night are so brilliant even in the daytime.
It’s not too bright or too dark, so I think it’s pretty regardless of day and night!
the majesty of a sturdy yet magnificent skyning It’s so touching just by looking at the pictures. How do you feel?
I feel at ease when I see this neat and dense blade.
I think I need to do one skyning per day to make my daily life possible.

With the combination of column frame blades, I think we can use the space as an extension of the indoor space, not just an ordinary outdoor space.
Let’s focus on the two pillars. The height of the pillar is different, right? Our cooling system skyning is made according to the situation and characteristics of the space.
More meticulous and careful work is required from field inspection to production to avoid errors.
This is a cooling system that we are trying to give you the best satisfaction through our skyning.

I looked at Skyning from across the street. Skyning’s charm is that it’s consistently reliable and consistent, right?
I always admire the parts where frames and columns are combined. I’m surprised again how it works as neatly as it used to be one.
It was a great site to enjoy just skyning without folding 스카이어닝 doors or other additional walls.
I think there are many advantages of using space while maintaining the unique form of skyning!
I think it’s good for practical use of the space while giving off a lot of outdoor vibes, right?

It’s time to finish writing today.
You saw the skyning installed in Pyeongtaek today, how was it?
I think it was a scene where the modern and simple charm of skyning stood out!
Skyning, which adds value to outdoor spaces such as townhouses, rural apartments, and terraces, why don’t you prepare it before the summer comes when you can use it most?
The days I spend in skyning will be more special and precious than any other moment.

Let’s go have a great weekend! I’ll see you in the next post. Goodbye, everyone.

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