Love is not without a heart, but there is a rare chance that there will be a lover.

I feel sorry for all the rigid people.
I tell you what I’ve been saying.

Wounded children grow up too early.
That’s why I feel sorry for you.

While listening to the song, thanks to the drama lines in the song guided by YouTube AI, I watched the drama My Uncle starring IU. I watched the summary video twice and eventually watched the movie. How much I focused on the drama, my tongue.
My uncle in the drama,
You felt like you were my uncle, an adult who was a shield to someone.
To someone, I would have felt like my uncle, an adult I wanted to protect.

A world where each person has to hurt each other because of their own survival and desire.
in such a world
He who has endured a strong external force has a strong history.
The reason you have a strong history is that you can withstand stronger external forces.
So when someone lives a life that avoids strong external forces,
Someone’s been able to withstand a stronger external force.
Eventually, they voluntarily create a stronger external environment, or habitually handle it alone.
Eventually, he becomes a rigid human being.
Maybe it’s not like a human.
You can’t be human.
a state of extreme rigidity
The lives of the two main characters in the drama were just tough.
From some point on, their happiness disappeared.
Letting them live is just a struggle against external forces.
It was a book.
A warm, soft-tempered human being
I can’t use my consciousness more wisely.
poor living in a state of rigidity

It’s only slightly different on the surface.
They’re so rigid that the two of them are so poor.
It’s just that they’re good at dealing with external forces.
You’re dealing with the continuing external forces alone.
In the process
To withstand the external forces.
I couldn’t even look at how I was.
Eventually, with the help of fate,
I met someone as rigid as I am.
I become deeply interested in the rigidity.
Through each other’s appearance
Two people who see their rigid and poor conditions accurately.
They even forgot their fear of death because their lives were lost.

There was hope for a strange life of hurrying to grow old.
The age of the body makes it impossible to force itself to endure the external forces.
It was because it was the reason why we had to accept it.

On the other hand, I can’t give up my life with any responsibility.
And lost the meaning of life.
not the pursuit of happiness
They have become the wish of life just to escape from the rigors of terrible pain.
The two, who seemed to have completely different looks and thoughts,
Because of the same causes deep inside that made themselves look like themselves,
Intuitively attracted to each other.
They help and protect each other in their own ways.
It brings moisture and warmth to a dry life.
They understand and comfort each other more than anyone else without their knowledge.
Not just helping and protecting each other.
You’ll see yourself right?
It leads to self-healing.
So you two can’t just use external force as a team.
They’re trying to make their own happiness.
The drama ends with the beginning of a life of feeling alive.

My uncle in the drama looks different from the movie like a man who unilaterally takes care of a young person as an adult and creates a different relationship.

Either of them already.
Not just trying to handle external forces in yourself,
What if you could see yourself outside of yourself enduring the external forces?
So if someone had reached self-healing,
A relationship that loves each other passionately may not have happened.

Even if this drama was made into a single movie, it might have been much stronger and deeper than a drama with relatively long and many stories.

in and out of the state

For those who have a considerable objectivity (who can see themselves from various perspectives outside of them), love is not without a heart, but it is unlikely that there will be an opposite lover of love.
No relationship can elicit ideal energy by unilateral forces.
Dependency relationships do not 토렌트하자 cause energy to multiply.
Caring and dependence are subordinate relationships.
As in the drama, all immature adults in the world take care of their children, and all immature children in the world are taken care of by adults, and through the two coexisting relationship, they can escape from each other’s growth, or subordination.
However, this relationship is impossible for many reasons for immature adults who do not know how to have significant objectivity, and most people live in relationships where much energy is lost and wasted.

Very few people in the world have considerable objectivity.
Those who pursue immediate comfort easily avoid more difficult experiences than more.
Therefore, one’s eye and understanding gradually deteriorate.
The size of vision and thoughts only decreases as if the ability to exercise decreases as if the moment of destroying more deeper muscles cannot be endured and more muscle and motor nerves cannot be grown stronger.
a state in which one has no history of being able to shake off one’s fear
a state of great fear Live in a state of insecurity.
All kinds of efforts to hide the instability are also everything in life.

In order to appreciate Picasso’s paintings properly, he must have a wide view and sensitivity that Picasso had.
Even if you can’t draw like that specifically, you can feel the work properly only when you’re not ready to handle the sight and sensitivity.
The same content comes out in the second half of the drama. The youngest member’s lines tell us why he had to turn a blind eye to the movie about abandoned children and watch the movie.
In other words, even the same picture and movie make a difference in the amount and quality of information that each experience can accommodate. Metacognition and empathy are different things from knowledge.
Metacognition is not just an improvement in learning, but a better source of self-healing.

Many artists, including Gogh, came to enjoy the poor environment because their advanced sensitivity made them feel more and deeper beauty through him.
Of course, appreciation and production are different, and more clear understanding is needed to produce a work, not just to appreciate it.

Even though they are just looking, prejudice and fear prevent them from seeing as they are.

Are the rigid and the wounded poor?
I don’t think so.

When they stay in a state of mere external force, they remain just fighters, but when they observe the environment and themselves more accurately outside themselves, so knowing their condition more accurately and managing themselves better causes their experience to improve their level of understanding.

In a more complex and intense modern society, more and more people have no choice but to focus on just enduring from external forces, living rigid lives.
No society actively tries to convey to them a clear way to view itself more objectively outside of itself.
I just hope that through subordinate relationships, we can control as many people as possible.
a world in which considerable objectivity is feared to sit in the consciousness of the majority
A rigid world full of rigid people.

If you do not have an equal Give and Take relationship, the relationship will always be unstable.
At least a normal human being should open the way to self-reliance if he or she finds out that someone is still dependent, but it is still difficult to become a person who can shake off the desire of power and use and enjoy the energy that independence brings.

lost in narrow vision and consciousness, unable to see a more accurate whole of the world and life
When I was teaching, I experienced a lot of tears that were deeply hidden by my few words, whether it was a young student or a middle-aged or elderly student.
Just as if the pus burst, the inflammation of the deep muscles that are so hard that even you can’t tell whether it’s a bone or a muscle disappears.

The reason why it was easy to do the work was because they were able to consult them and quickly find out the causes by taking questions to the first cause of what they said.
Of course, many of the direct and indirect experiences gained from deeply empathized lives have made key questions faster and made it possible to find answers (preferred causes).

Like that drama, not an instruction, he just did something that sheds light on himself so that he could see himself more clearly.

Many people say I’m weird, but it’s weird for me to live in a world full of wounds because I can’t show my own healing ability.

People want me to lose my self-healing ability like them.

That way, they can feel normal and shake off the discomfort of feeling abnormal, but the comfort is just anxiety to be immediately modulated.

The comfort that is only a good choice for those on the verge of death. Even for healthy people, it has become natural to pursue short-sighted comfort.

Watching this drama, I thought IU was a great person.
He played that kind of role well.
Did she learn a life she had never experienced through acting?
Or was it inevitable that he could act like this because he endured the terrible days like life in a drama that was only different in shape?

It is fortunate and grateful to society that such impressions, acting skills and enthusiasm are not scammed.
I think that alone is enough to compensate people like IU.

When I was young, I felt my danger when I saw adults who were fooled by my expressions, tears, and words so easily that I tried to be terribly honest.

People said I was foolish to see myself too honest, but there was a clear reason why I made that choice, so I inevitably chose painting, art, and art where lies were useless.

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