It’s perfect for a light drink

I just want to hold on to the passing time.

Friday night when the holidays start

I’m going to meet my friends at Konkuk University Station, which was my first time 풀싸롱 in a long time.

Since it’s far away, the restaurant closes at 9 o’clock, so we’re going to meet as soon as possible, and we’re going to eat as soon as possible.

This is a review of the visit to the Great Bar and the Great Bar.

This place is black and red!

It was different to wrap the windows in red and look at the outside scenery differently.

It might be a little stuffy because it’s right next to Konkuk University Station.

I also liked the black integration of furniture electronics with the interior matching red.

The air conditioner is black. One more time.

A black-and-white movie on one wall? I felt like I was in a bar because the bar was twisted.

The vent doesn’t come down from the ceiling, but it’s not a meat restaurant because each table is small.

It’s like a restaurant or a bar.

It’s not on the menu, but I ordered grilled meat because it’s separate.

Actually, I don’t really like daechang. I’m eating it because it’s a mode.

Location has been edited. I think it’s a little hard to park.

I’m parking in front of the store.

There weren’t many rooms. But the place is very, very stationary, so it’s very easy to access without bringing a car, so let’s take public transportation when we get here!

Usually, the tripe in the tripe restaurant is not on the menu, so I thought about it for a while and tried to order one.

He said, “We have a mode, too.

It is not written on the menu yet, but there is also a mode. Is there a mode here when you’re confused about what to eat? You’d better ask.

The bell button is next to the trash… It’s black here, too. Actually, it took some time to find it.

It was stuck in the side, and a pressing catastrophe occurred and knocked down the beer. Be careful, everyone.

You can keep the clothes under the chair.

It’s made of transparent acrylic material, so it looks wider inside if you don’t put it in, and I think it’s good.

Ordering is a basic side dish.

Pa salad, white kimchi, sweet pumpkin salad, seaweed.

While waiting for food, sweet salt makes your palate stand out! It’s delicious.

There are also three spices: assorted gopchang (spicy honey sesame powder) and red pepper garlic sauce.

Grilled sweetener… This is the best combination of tripe.

This is grilled tripe.

I’m full because it’s meat. The mushroom named “Grilled Tripe” was perfect for the picture!

It is made up of intestines, intestines, tripe, salt pain, and goats.

How do you eat grilled tripe like this?

Honey! Eat with wasabi.

No, honey in the daechang… It’s not Gorgonzola pizza. It’s…

I tried it halfheartedly.

Oh, what is this? It was a new world of taste. Why do daechang and honey go together?

Even if it’s unfamiliar, try it. It’s really delicious.

As I said before, I didn’t like daechang so I didn’t want to do it at first.I ate it because it was a mode.

I would have regretted it if I hadn’t eaten it.

I tried it with the seaweed on the notice and it was delicious.

There are so many!

I even told you to be careful because the product might overflow when lifting it!

It was delicious to eat gopchang with sesame powder.

I’m gonna make sure everything’s okay.

I ordered gopchang jeongol (center) because the side dishes were a bit lacking.

The bowl looked bigger than I thought, but it was deeper than I thought.

The yolk was impressive

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