Fit as previously used without failure

I worked until the end of last year, got my severance pay,

This year, I’m taking the time to find a job.

I was going to do 88카 the part-time job I wanted.

But what’s going on, around New Year’s Day at the beginning of the year,

The corona that broke out from here continues to this day.

So I can go back to the routine that I wanted.

It’s gone. I’m barely surviving.

That’s how the part-time job works.

I don’t have much time, so my pay is too low.

I’ve only been able to afford a month’s living.

I can’t even pull out a single car because it’s nothing.

The new car was completely abandoned.

But you don’t need a car.

No, I went to look around at least secondhand.

I was introduced to you at the store where you came to visit me.

Sportage used. He told me it’s a good deal.

He’s used to the visuals he’s seen on the side of the road.

Should I say it’s a bit unfamiliar? I think it’s a little…

It was my first time seeing him up close.

I think so. I saw the color as mouse.

At first, it’s too half-colored.

I thought about it, but maybe it’s because I saw it in person.

It’s not. It’s rather a sensuous visual.

It’s a different way of driving.

I know I did, but I don’t know if I’m going abroad.

No, I don’t think you need to choose too much.

So I saw it, and I saw it.

The rating trim is Prestige! It just so happens to be here.

The guy that was out there, he got a higher grade.

It was good to be doing it. as much trouble as possible

I don’t like it. at the lowest price

Even if it’s out, we’re going to use a tin with a few options.

It’s not enough because I need to set it up or not enough.

I didn’t think a ceremony should happen.

It was a perfect configuration for that.

The size of the car starts with the driver.

Just enough to carry a small number of families.

He said it was well designed.

The New Sportage I’ve seen,

I used to say that the oil that it’s.

If you’re targeting fuel efficiency savings,

You know, I’m gonna have to spend all the money that goes into the car.

If you want to cut back on oil, it’s a relatively small amount of oil.

It’s more diesel than gasoline.

I think it’s reasonable. Of course, it’s not just about the noise.

There was a tremor, but it wasn’t that bad.

To the right level to drive comfortably.

It was with me, and based on it,

He was with me. I don’t know if that’s why.

Should I say it was cheaper? Wrap this around.

The staff told me it was done.

I’m writing it down, if you look at it as a whole.

I’ve seen a lot of sporty secondhand high-end products

I’m not on your side, but there’s still some left.

I’ve been there. Anyhow

I guess it’s because you’re with me.

I’m glad it’s not serious.

What kind of space is there inside?

We’re going to watch it together. To be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever been able to be honest.

I assumed he wouldn’t. So

We’re gonna open the door together.

I tried and compared it, and I said…

It was better than I thought. Complete legs

It’s so big that it doesn’t matter if you stretch out.

No, not really. This much space.

If it’s there, it’s like picking up children or something simple.

I didn’t think there would be a problem with the pickup.

It’s a very good example of what I’ve been looking for.

That’s why I wanted to see you again later.

Because I picked him up right away.

I just had to come back. I had to come back.

It fits the budget I expected, so seriously,

I thought about it, but for now, I bought it impulsively.

You don’t know what happens afterwards. More

I wanted to see it carefully, so I left it in the store.

I’m here, but I’m still very, very well-lost.

I couldn’t say anything about him.

I’d like to say it was very great.

I don’t think it’s okay for you to see.

I think so. I really want to recommend it.

And pick it up for the loading dock.

I’m sure there are a lot of people. Because of Corona.

And those of you who are going on a private trip,

It’s a lot more of a reality. It’s a good place to fit that.

It was organized. It’s the standard of simplicity.

Do we have to? Maybe it’s not enough.

I didn’t do it. I mean, the floor, the walls, all the details.

I’ve checked everywhere, and it’s a problem.

I didn’t see any damage to it.

It’s a wide-open used sporty trunk!

Let’s take a look at what the seats were like.

It’s dark black, so I liked the sense of unity

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