Glaze outside Rezawax inside due to time and cost

I’m studying English at home after work these days.

I’m not good at it, but I’ll practice a little bit later.

I want to use it 88카 when I travel abroad. Just simply.

I thought it would be useful, so I worked hard.

I’m in the middle of it, but when I get home from work,

I fell asleep because I was tired.

That’s why I can’t listen to it a few times a week.

I can’t help but make time for the weekend.

It’s not easy either. But just a challenge.

I’m satisfied because I think it’s great.

My little hobbies have increased while I’m at home.

I think it’s good for healing. Sometimes.

Work and study are good, but stress relief.

If you have your own healing time,

I like it.

I used to go to the movies and watch a lot of movies.

I can’t do it right now, so watching Netflix…

I think the time has increased. Besides that,

I think I get healed by bathing and yoga.

Today, I’m going to drive a second car to get all New Morning (JA)

I’ve been looking into buying secondhand.

I was nervous because it was my first time, but I’m only gonna take a short

I figured out a used light car.

The next time I change my car, it’s okay.

I’ll have to make a deal here. I want you to know that I’m not going to let you guys.

I think it would be good to let you know, so leave a comment.

Launched in 2017, fuel efficiency automatically

It’s about 15.7 km/l, even though it’s a light vehicle.

He was excellent. It’s a four-speed automatic transmission.

It was a five-seat front-wheel drive, 1.0 gasoline,

There were two van models. currently

It’s facelift as a model for Morning Urban.

The vehicle’s optional trim is Deluxe/Luxury/Prestige

/Basic Plus/Lead, etc. trim.

And the model year, key number, color, and usage.

They’re all different, so go to the store and do it yourself.

Look around and make a comparison. That’s the most accurately.

It’s a way to make a deal.

Even the prices are all different, but in my case,

As of 2018, during the +-1 year model year.

I checked with sales less than 50,000km.

Among the vehicles recommended by the Used Car Center,

Your favorite vehicle was the 2018 3.7 million kilometers.

It was a Prestige-class model.

Gasoline, no accidents at all, white, quite a bit.

It was neat and had good options.

Button start is now indispensable

That’s why I was there.

Unlike other light vehicles, it’s turbo-powered.

It’s a powerful vehicle. Second-hand purchase.

But if it’s too different, it’s uncomfortable during the ride.

I made a contact with this because I thought I would do it, but I’m satisfied.

If you look at the design, you’ll see the original roundness.

I think I tried hard to break away.

It’s smaller than cute, but it’s reliable and strong.

The type that makes you want to lean? Overall

The stiffness has increased, and the headlamps have the eyes.

I don’t know how handsome he is.

I heard it. It was connected to the grill.

It’s attractive that it’s patterned.

Used light cars, used cars, they’re cheap, they’re small.

I didn’t expect it, but when I met him in person,

I know why it’s selling so well.

And after a few days of riding… for a long time

It’s uncomfortable to ride around, but the ride’s great.

It’s okay, and most importantly, it’s small so it’s easy

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